Back on Course: Charlotte Campbell Daughan ’06

After a golf career followed by a three-year break, Charlotte Campbell Daughan ’06 is playing golf again while working for GolfNow.

Charlotte Campbell Daughan ’06 found herself in an unfamiliar spot in 2009: burned out from golf.

After an unparalleled four-year career at Rollins, she turned professional and played on the LPGA Futures Tour. But the constant travel to out-of-the-way places such as McAllen, Texas, and London, Kentucky, and the lack of sustained success led her to retire after three seasons.

Daughan, who graduated cum laude in 2006 with a political science degree, also wanted something that would challenge her academically. She had already mastered the intricacies of golf. “It sounds crazy, but golf is fairly simple,” she says.

Newlyweds Charlotte Campbell Doughan' 06 and Ben Doughan '03 on the Green, April 2013. Newlyweds Charlotte Campbell Doughan' 06 and Ben Doughan '03 on the Green, April 2013. Daughan, who married former Rollins men’s golfer Ben Daughan ’03, decided to focus on a career with the Golf Channel and her business, Blingo Ball Marks, which she started in 2007 and continues on the side.

She’s also playing golf again after a three-year break. “I finally found the passion again to play and actually want to,” Daughan says.

That sounds strange from arguably the best athlete, not just golfer, in Rollins history. She won four NCAA Division II Player of the Year awards and was part of four Sunshine State Conference (SSC) and national championship teams. She also was a 2012 inductee into the SSC Hall of Fame.

As Tars women’s golf coach Julie Garner says, Daughan’s records will never be broken. “She just had a presence about her that she was a winner,” she says. “I haven’t seen anything else like it. To have that kind of legacy is just fantastic. She helped us put Rollins golf back on the map.”

The program had experienced a nine-year drought before the four national championships with Daughan. The Tars also won a national title in 2008 and finished second in 2010 and 2011.

When the Tars experienced a difficult season in 2002, Daughan—while still a senior in high school—confidently told Garner that the next season would be different. “I remember thinking, ‘OK, kid, we’ll see what you got,’ ” Garner says. “She was right.”

Daughan passed on Division I opportunities because of Garner’s thoughtful recruitment. The coach played golf with Daughan’s mother and knew that Daughan, who had a stuffed buffalo, loved the animal. She sent a letter with multiple buffalo stamps and gave her a newspaper article about a buffalo.

“It was just little things like that that showed she really cared,” Daughan says. “I think a lot of other Division I coaches or coaches in general are going through the motions. She really cares about you as a person and golfer. She wanted me there.”

After her sophomore season, Daughan faced the question of whether she should transfer to a Division I program to face stronger competition or begin a professional career. The answer wasn’t difficult. “To uproot myself from everything I knew would’ve been too much for two years left,” she says. “I had gotten a routine down and knew what to expect and loved Rollins. I wasn’t going anywhere.”

She credits Rollins’ academic rigors for helping her achieve success in her current position as loyalty manager at online tee time retailer GolfNow. Balancing classes and practice helped her learn to multitask, which serves her well as she oversees a sales team, manages customers at the corporate level, and plans 30 nationwide events a year.

She also has time for golf. In September, Daughan joined Orange Tree Golf Club in Orlando and plays a round a week. After being granted amateur status again, she participates in five tournaments a year. However, there’s no chance she will attempt to play professionally again. She doesn’t want to travel the necessary 20 to 25 weeks a year to those small dots on the map.

Besides, she enjoys her work—she recently traveled to Las Vegas to tour a company known for its customer loyalty and has made trips to New York City and Austin, Texas.

“It’s just really exciting to be a part of a company that is ever changing,” Daughan says. “They let me do so many great things, it would be crazy to leave.”