The Most Inspiring Women of Rollins

In honor of Women’s History month, Rollins360 readers honor women in our academic community who are making a difference and who inspire others to do the same.

Some of Rollins’ most inspiring women in the rose garden on campus. (Back left to right) Jayashree Shivamoggi, Jill Pigmon P’15, Oriana Jimenez ’07MHR ’10MBA, and Pennie Parker (Front left to right) Sharon Williams, Connie Holt ’88 ’00MA, Rita Bornstein ’04H, and Millie Erichsen ’07MBA (Photo by Scott Cook) Some of Rollins’ most inspiring women in the rose garden on campus. (Back left to right) Jayashree Shivamoggi, Jill Pigmon P’15, Oriana Jimenez ’07MHR ’10MBA, and Pennie Parker (Front left to right) Sharon Williams, Connie Holt ’88 ’00MA, Rita Bornstein ’04H, and Millie Erichsen ’07MBA (Photo by Scott Cook)

Jennifer Addleman
Assistant Director of Human Resources, Benefits & Wellness

Jennifer is very passionate about her work. She comes to work every day with a smile and is always ready to make a difference in someone’s life. She is the go-to person when we have questions about Rollins benefits, and she gives us valuable tools to help us make informed health and retirement decisions for ourselves and our families. She’s also an integral part of the R-Wellness Committee and Rollins’ wellness initiatives, which include campus health screenings and exercise programs. Under her leadership, the R-Wellness program has reduced the percentage of high-risk behaviors (like high BMI, high blood pressure, tobacco use, and high alcohol consumption) among employees, and the program continues to attract positive attention. In 2014, Healthiest Employers recognized Rollins as one of the top 100 healthiest workplaces in America. Jennifer inspires us to take charge of our health and to look after ourselves, both at Rollins and at home.” – David Zajchowski ’05MBA, assistant director of human resources


Adrianne Benso ’04 ’11MA
Assistant Director of Residential Life

“Adrianne is by far the kindest person I know. Each time that I hear her name mentioned on campus, it’s always followed by someone sharing how much they love her (or sometimes how much they love her dog, Enzo).” – Abby Hollern, director of the Center for Inclusion & Involvement

“One of the first times our paths crossed, I was leaving the campus center with a precariously-balanced lunch of soup and strawberries when they toppled to the ground. Adrianne was the first to lend a hand and offered me a Rollins Cares gift card to get a new lunch. She has an amazing way with everyone she interacts with and she genuinely cares about each person.” – Amy Uhl ’13


Rita Bornstein ’04H
President Emerita

“Even though she had retired a couple of years before I arrived at Rollins in 2006, she sought me out and found out I was All But Dissertation (ABD). After that, every time she saw me she asked about my progress on the dissertation. She has been unfailingly supportive and encouraging to me and to many, many others. She is an example of someone who found a way to balance her busy life as an administrator and writer. Even in retirement she continues to write and to serve Rollins and the wider community. She is a true leader.” – Jonathan Miller, director for Olin Library


Erin Brioso ’14

“During her time at Rollins, Erin served as a dedicated member of a plethora or organizations, her sorority, NCM, and various roles in the offices of what used to be called Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement. She also traveled abroad to India and Nepal where she truly served as a model for global citizenship. Her aid work in those countries inspired students and staff alike to dedicate more time to the cause. Her dedication even fueled Professor Eng-Wilmont to continue to serve as advisor for Making Lives Better after his retirement from teaching. Her influence has changed my life. Erin isn’t just one of Rollins’ most inspiring women, she’s one of Rollins’ most beautiful souls, whose joy for life and all those that she can touch in it radiates from her person. I know that in her postgraduate studies at Dartmouth she will only better equip herself to be ‘the change she wishes to see in the world.’” – Philip Leffler ’14


Millie Erichsen ’07MBA
Director of Development, Crummer Graduate School of Business

“I’ve worked with Millie when she was director of marketing and now as Crummer’s development officer. She was also my student in the EMBA program. Millie makes a difference in quite inspirational ways as a role model for professional women. Her intelligence, drive, dedication to Rollins, and high level of business acumen and professionalism attracts students, other faculty, and outside stakeholders to both admire and emulate her successful approach to her work. My office is two doors down from Millie’s, and I see and hear conversations with others. At her core, she believes in a ‘servant leadership’ model and never fails to make sure that others’ successes are an integral part of whatever successes she may achieve herself.” – Greg Marshall, Charles Harwood Professor of Marketing & Strategy


Isabela Figueroa ’18

“Isabela is one of the most passionate women I know. When she identifies a problem or issue on campus, she investigates, analyzes, and takes action! She doesn’t hesitate to be fearless and courageous and she strives to make our campus better, more inclusive, and safer for all of the Rollins community.” – Lori Coffae, English lecturer


Meredith Hein
Director of the Center for Leadership & Community Engagement

“I graduated a year ago and I still work with Rollins students and alumni in the community. There is one person that all of the most amazing people (past and present) from Rollins have in common—Meredith Hein. Her support, inspiration, and influence go far beyond graduation for so many of Rollins’ community leaders.” – Syed Johnson ’13


Connie Holt ’88 ’00MA
Graduate Coordinator for the Hamilton Holt School

“Connie is retiring this summer after almost three decades of service to Rollins. She’s also active in her church and community. The number of lives she has touched is immeasurable—and she’s pretty much the sweetest, most patient, and empathetic person I’ve ever met.” – Nick Georgoudiou ’13MBA, director of admission for the Hamilton Holt School

“Mrs. Connie does everything! Not only does she coordinate for the Holt school, she is an advisor, counselor, teacher, and dream maker! She spends countless hours working on improving the environment for students. She always makes time for her students and pushes them to strive to the best of their abilities. It’s because of her leadership and guidance that hundreds of students have graduated and will continue to graduate in the near future. I do not know what the College will do without her!” – Morgen Chaderton, Holt student


Some of Rollins’ most inspiring women together in New Orleans for the annual Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) conference in New Orleans. (Left to right) Meredith Hein, Micki Meyer, and Lisa Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Meredith Hein) Some of Rollins’ most inspiring women together in New Orleans for the annual Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) conference in New Orleans. (Left to right) Meredith Hein, Micki Meyer, and Lisa Johnson. (Photo courtesy of Meredith Hein)

Oriana Jimenez ’07MHR ’10MBA
Title IX Coordinator

“Oriana has been a light of the campus for the entire time I have known her. In her role in human resources, she always made employees feel comfortable and that their voices matter. In her new role as Title IX coordinator, I know that she will continue to advocate for underrepresented groups, including women. I think the advancement of Rollins is dependent on strong leaders like Oriana who lead with kindness, compassion, and thoughtfulness.” – Sara Christovich, associate director of the Center for Inclusion & Campus Involvement

“Some of Oriana’s most notable and inspiring qualities include her thoughtfulness and compassion for those she serves; her ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with colleagues; her commitment to delivering high-quality services; her planning and organization skills; and her commitment and efforts to advance diversity and inclusion. Oriana is an effective leader and role model for her colleagues and for the students she collaborates with across the campus community. She has many strengths and talents which help our institution be the best it can be and I thank her for her continued efforts in support of our mission and service in support of our community.” – David Zajchowski ’05MBA, assistant director for Human Resources


Lisa Johnson
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs – Career & Life Planning

“Lisa is not only one of the most detailed and organized people I have met at Rollins, she is also the most caring, helpful, and insightful. She has helped me each year that I’ve been at Rollins. I have grown wiser and stronger with her guidance. As a black student at Rollins, I rarely have the opportunity to meet other students, professors, and staff who are like me. Lisa takes the time to meet with me as a mentor and provides me with a wealth of knowledge about how I should tackle the future. Her recent promotion and continued success is a small step here at Rollins but a great inspiration for all the black women and men on campus, showing that we can make a difference and be academically successful.” – Christen Taylor ’15


Anna Lohaus
Instructional Technologist

“Anna’s warm, vibrant personality touches students and staff alike, brightening everyone’s days here at Rollins, and creating a cheerful, carefree atmosphere whenever she is around. Though she works primarily in IT, where her German roots have begun to spread to other staff members who regularly say ‘Hallo!’ or ‘Wie gehts’ when they see each other, Anna is also an assistant professor of German at Rollins. She also regularly volunteers her time to various clubs on campus including the German Club, where she has been the advisor since the club was founded, as well as Making Lives Better, where she is one of the co-advisors. Her involvement in the Rollins community, as a staff member, a teacher, an advisor, and perhaps most importantly, as a friend, is indescribable. She has had more of an influence, and been more of an inspiration to Rollins students and staff than anyone else I can think of.” – Ryan Colangelo ’18


Leslie Carney McClelland ’03 ’09MBA
Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations

“Leslie is truly an inspiring leader who uses her talents to keep the Rollins community connected to the College. She is one of the pioneers behind several of the seismic shifts in how we positively engage with our alumni. She is a tireless advocate and loyal alumna who promotes the value others bring to the table—all while being modest about her own contributions to fundraising efforts and alumni engagement.” – Amanda Hopkins ’03, assistant vice president for development


Micki Meyer
Lord Family Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Community Engagement

“Micki is an inspiration to me and others at the College. She works tirelessly to elevate those around her to do important work to make our community stronger. She also takes time to know people, not just as professionals, but as people.” – Anne Stone, assistant professor of communication


Natasha Muco
Custodian for Facilities Management

“Since 1999, Natasha has been brightening the lives of people she has interacted with at Rollins while helping the Rollins campus look its best. She has worked in several buildings, including Rollins and Hooker Halls. These days she is known for her work in maintaining one of our treasures located at the heart of campus—the Mills building. Not only is Mills one of the biggest buildings on campus, but its Galloway Room is the top-requested space on campus for hosting special College events. In 2014, participants at more than 300 separate events benefited from Natasha’s hard work, attention to detail, and welcoming smile. I was pleased to learn that she is a proud participant in Rollins’ ESL program, and during her time in it, this Albanian native has worked hard to improve her English skills to better communicate with the members of the Rollins community. She exemplifies Rollins’ service excellence standards of being responsive, respectful, collaborative, and competent in ways too many to list for the purposes of this nomination, but all who know her have stories to tell that highlight her positive impact in their lives. I admire her for possessing one of the most generous spirits of anyone I have met. Beautifying buildings is really just a side job of Natasha’s; her real gift is in beautifying the lives of those she meets each day, and that inspires all of us.” – Maureen Mäensivu ’97MHR, associate director of annual giving


Pennie Parker
Director of Athletics

“Pennie is a caring and equitable administrator who hears what you say and tries to help. The athletics department has run more collaboratively under her leadership than ever before. She deserves to be noticed.” – Rich Morris, head swimming coach


Jill Pigmon P’15
Admission Visitor Liaison

“Jill is so kind, graceful, and cheerful. She brightens every day with her spirit. She works with visitors to the College and works very closely with our student tour guides. She always goes above and beyond to exceed our guests’ expectations!” – Holly Pohlig ’01, director of admission


Jayashree Shivamoggi
Director for External & Competitive Scholarships

“Dr. Jay was an amazing mentor when I came in with the pilot group of Cornell Scholars. Through my time at Rollins, she was an invaluable source of support and guidance. Without her, I might never have considered a post-graduate option such as AmeriCorps—a move that shaped my future career path. Rollins is truly lucky to have her!” – Pri Ekanayake ’09

“Dr. Jay has changed many lives not only through her hard work and passion, but also through her incredible mentorship. She once told me that her goal was to help change the world one life at a time, through her little corner at Rollins College.” – Kenther Ramos ’14

“Dr. Jay has inspired and strengthened many students in the Rollins community. If it wasn’t for people like her, low-income students such as myself would not have been connected with the wonderful opportunities the school and other agencies have to offer. This woman singlehandedly enfranchises students who would otherwise be left believing the opportunities the world has to offer are beyond their means. It was because of her that I applied to a Gilman Scholarship and was able to study abroad in Shanghai and because of her council and advice that I received said scholarship. And it was because of Dr. Jay that I applied to Fulbright. Not only did I complete a competitive application but I am now in the middle of my Fulbright grant in South Korea. The work Dr. Jay does is both important and inspiring. Because of her, many students have learned to believe in themselves. More than an administrator, she is a friend, an enabler, and someone who will not only remind you that your dreams can come true, but also someone who will make sure you achieve them.” – Nadia Ramirez ’13


Sharon Williams
Acquisitions and Office Coordinator of Olin Library

“Sharon is the glue that holds our department together. She brings a positive focus and intentional respect to everyone she communicates with. She has been invaluable in reorganizing two library departments into one with a focus on respect and flexibility. We’re now in the midst of migrating to an entirely new library software system and Sharon is helping everyone in the library move forward together with kindness and patience.” – Jonathan Harwell, head of collections and systems of Olin Library