Retiring Faculty: Roger Ray ’62

Professor of Psychology Roger Ray ’62 retired from Rollins this spring after serving the College for nearly 50 years.

Roger Ray ’62 shepherded the psychology department through nearly half a century of considerable changes in the field. Ray championed the idea of experiential learning, which is still the foundation of Rollins’ curriculum, and he was the founding director of the College’s Quantitative Teaching and Learning Center.

Hired at Rollins: 1969 (48 years)

Other career stops: Owner/CEO of Tri-State Processing and (AI)2

Favorite course: Learning

Special memory: “Great winter term courses with students in out-island Bahamas and Russia.”

Did you know?

  • Came to Rollins in 1959 on a water-skiing scholarship and won national and international championships
  • He was an exchange scientist in the Soviet Union in Ivan Pavlov’s original laboratory.
  • The psychology department’s highest honor for academic achievement is named in Ray’s honor.

How has your field has evolved? “My branch of psychology (behavior analysis) has become much more applied (rather than basic research) in the past 20 years.”

How has Rollins changed since you started: “Much larger, more diverse educational programs.”

What’s next? “Continue with my educational software company (AI)2, which sells and distributes online laboratory simulation and clinical staff training software.”

Parting shot from a colleague: “Roger’s legacy can be seen in the colleagues he helped hire, the program he helped build, and the students we have produced. His goal has always been to create a learning environment that prepares students for graduate school or whatever their futures may hold. He is the ultimate scholar of the science of learning.” – Jennifer Queen, associate professor of psychology