Retiring Faculty: Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner launched the Department of Communication and served as its chair for 20 years.

Greg Gardner revolutionized the field of communications at Rollins, developing the organizational communication major for the Hamilton Holt School and the master’s program in corporate communication and technology. Most recently, he was directly involved in the creation of the communication studies major that served the entire college.

Started at Rollins: 1985 (32 years)

Other career stops: Professor at Northern Arizona University and University of North Dakota; chaired the College of Liberal Arts at McKendree University.

Favorite course: Senior seminar

Special memory: “Serving as the public address announcer for the men’s basketball team from 1990 to 2005.”

Did you know?

  • Launched and chaired communication department (1987-2007)
  • Directed several Holt School and graduate-level programs
  • Named Walter Barton Outstanding Teacher for Holt School
  • Won the Hugh F. McKean Award
  • Developed Rollins’ Communication Across the Curriculum program
  • Co-authored two books and 15 published works.

What will you miss most? “My students, the classes I got to teach, and working on such a beautiful, serene campus.”

How has your field evolved? “Fifty years ago, we were studying rhetoric, public speaking, interpersonal communication, and things like that. That’s changed pretty significantly since then. Now we have a new major that involves areas like public relations, health communication, and organizational communication. So it’s not a program that concentrates on how to speak better, but it’s a much broader program that teaches you how to communicate differently in a variety of settings.”

How has Rollins changed since you started? “The biggest thing is the students are better, and the College’s reputation has grown–academically and in respect to how people think about Rollins.”

What’s next? “A lot of reading and writing and spending more time with my wife and two daughters.”

Parting shot from a colleague: “Greg Gardner has been my colleague, friend, and champion, and it has been a privilege to serve with him in the department that he created. His students love him, and he will be deeply missed.” – Rick Bommelje, professor of communication