Retiring Faculty: Alexander Boguslawski

Professor of Russian Alexander Boguslawski retired this spring after more than 30 years of service in the Department of Modern Languages.

Fusing intellectualism with art, Alexander Boguslawski taught Russian language, literature, folklore, and culture at Rollins. Many of his colorful, eclectic paintings hang in the homes of people in Winter Park and across the globe, and he was known for singing Russian songs while strumming his guitar. He recently translated Sasha Sokolov’s Between Dog and Wolf, a complicated work that, until recently, had been deemed untranslatable by scholars.

Hired at Rollins: 1983 (34 years)

Other career stops: Visiting lecturer, Ohio State University; graduate teaching assistant, the University of Kansas

Favorite course: History of Russian Painting

Special memory: “My colleagues in the modern languages department and our administrative assistant, Ruth Jackson.”

Did you know?

  • Won Arthur Vining Davis Fellowship and Critchfield grants
  • Published several translations from Russian to Polish and from Russian to English
  • A website he created in collaboration with students is a leading source of information on Russian painters.

How has your field evolved? “Political events, like the fall of the Soviet Union, affected enrollments, necessitating development of new courses to attract students.”

What’s next? “A little early to know, but one thing is certain: I will have more time to paint or get involved in new translation projects.”

Parting shot from a colleague: “Alex Boguslawski leaves a huge hole in our department. He was a scholar of St. Nicholas, an artist, a Pied Piper (leading students, faculty, and staff on trips to Russia), and a talented translator. It will be tough to replace him.” – Nancy Decker, associate professor of German