Warnecke headlines Women Who Lead Summit in Puerto Rico

Social entrepreneurship professor Tonia Warnecke recently traveled to Puerto Rico to speak at the sixth edition of the Women Who Lead Summit, where she discussed how best to lift up the island’s economy nearly a year and a half after the devastation from Hurricane Maria.

Warnecke points to global economic trends as determinants for the local economy, emphasizing that in addition to U.S. factors, there are other external ones linked to the island’s economic development.

“It is of great importance to think about global economic trends,” says Warnecke. “It’s important that all business owners think about the importance of money and the changes in monetary flows. And not just what happens in Puerto Rico or the mainland U.S., but also what’s happening in the entire world.”

Warnecke also spoke about the concept of energy poverty, which significantly impacts overall business operations, and how social entrepreneurship—business for social change—can provide solutions.