Colombino ’18MBA’s ethical fashion brand opens new solar-powered factory in Haiti

The mastermind behind REBUILD Globally—a nonprofit that fights poverty in Haiti through education and job-training programs—Julie Colombino ’18MBA continues her success in creating sustainable products and employment opportunities. Her ethical fashion brand, deux mains, recently celebrated the opening of its new factory in Port-au-Prince with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that showcased local manufacturing and how deux mains blends industrial and handmade processes.

“We have beaten all the odds of growing a business in Haiti,” says Colombino. “Our vision to create an innovative and competitive manufacturing system has come to fruition. We have doubled production as well as doubled our environmental and social impact.”

The new facility is powered entirely by solar energy, and deux mains has created a set of standards that ensures products are designed to defend the environment, craftspeople are protected by policy, and consumers have the power to shop responsibly.

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