Scheffler Receives Staff Award for Community Engagement

Pat Scheffler received the 2016 Thaddeus Seymour Staff Award for Community Engagement during the Annual Staff Awards Celebration on Friday, May 27.

Named for Rollins’ 12th president, the Thaddeus Seymour Staff Award for Community Engagement was established in 2006 as a means of recognizing Rollins staff members for sustainable and demonstrated service in local and global communities. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the award presentation.

An accounting assistant with the Bursar’s Office, Scheffler has served the Rollins community for 11 years. Staff who nominated Scheffler characterized her as a true servant leader who gives much of her talent to others without most knowing the depth of her contributions.

A donation of $500 will be made in honor of Scheffler toward the community organization of her choice to further encourage her efforts in citizenship and leadership. Additionally, she will be invited to direct one of this year’s SummerSERVE projects in partnership with the Center for Leadership & Community Engagement.

“About five years ago, I noticed her knitting during her lunch break and I asked her about it,” wrote one nominator. “She shared that she was looking for an outlet to engage in the local community. Since that time, she had donated hundreds, if not thousands, of baby blankets, hats, gloves, and booties to different organizations. Her commitment to providing a need to those that often don’t have a voice is a beautiful gift that so many on this campus are not aware of.”

“It has personally brought her fulfillment, but above all, it has given so much more to so many,” wrote another nominator. “She exudes kindness in her acts and does so without receiving any accolades or recognition and I think it’s time we gave her some.”