Rollins students, alumni, and faculty provide support for autism caregivers

Faculty members from the Hamilton Holt School's Applied Behavior Analysis & Clinical Science master’s program are offering guidance to caregivers of individuals with autism and related disorders at no cost via video chat. The program is the brainchild of Kara Wunderlich, a visiting professor in the Department of Health Professions, who wanted to provide support to parents and guardians of those with developmental disabilities who are faced with new challenges due to mandatory stay-at-home orders in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We three ABACS faculty members (myself, Michele Williams, and Stephanie Kincaid) are all trained and credentialed to provide advice to parents on basic behavioral strategies that will help them and their children improve their quality of life and maintain order at this very challenging time,” says Wunderlich.

Many school and clinics are closed due to social distancing precautions, and even those with access to in-home or telehealth services may experience new behavioral challenges due to major disruptions to a child’s regular schedule. Caregivers can opt-in to a weekly email newsletter with tips on caring for someone with autism at this unique moment in time. Additionally, everyone who signs up is eligible for a one-on-one chat where members of the team provide free informational support for famiiles.

Credentialed ABACS alumni and currently enrolled students are also lending their expertise to the effort, which the faculty is calling Rollins Support for Autism Caregivers (RSAC).

Interested parties can get more information and sign up for the mailing list at rollins.college/autismsupport.