Rollins Debate Team Is No. 1 in Florida

In February, under the direction of Associate Professor of Philosophy Eric Smaw, debate team members Raymond Verboncoeur ’14 and Sehar Noor ’16 won first place at the Florida Intercollegiate Forensic Association’s State Championship, which determines ranking for the state of Florida. Additionally, Verboncouer placed second best overall speaker, and Noor placed fourth best overall speaker.

The team of Noor and Arianna Woicekowski ’15 won third place at the National Parliamentary Debate Association Novice Debating Championship. Woicekowski placed third best overall speaker, and Noor placed fifth best overall speaker.

Team of Divya Kolakada ’16 and Kamil Fadel ’15 won fifth place at the Pan-American World Debating Championship. 

Lastly, the team of Verboncoeur and David Gevorgyan ’14 successfully defended Rollins’ ownership of the Rollins Cup by defeating Cambridge Union Debating Society at the Last Debate Series at Rollins College.