Riegler ’18 publishes article on social injustice in medicine

Jacob Riegler ’18, a graduate of the Rollins chemistry program and current med student at the University of Central Florida, recently published an article on MedPage Today’s KevinMD.com on the importance of including anti-discrimination training in standard medical school curriculum.

Riegler points out that vulnerable populations are at greater risk of discrimination within the medical field, referencing the systemic injustices that people of color have suffered and continue to suffer in the health-care industry. The only way to successfully dismantle those injustices, says Riegler, is to beef up ethics and anti-racisim training for future doctors.

“As physicians in training, we must learn how to protect the most vulnerable,” says Riegler, who participated in Rollins’ esteemed Pre-Med Observership Program. “To do this, we must identify, discuss, and openly debate the systemic issues affecting those populations.”