Galpin Receives 2017 Presidential Award for Diversity and Inclusion

Amy Galpin, curator at Rollins’ Cornell Fine Arts Museum, received the 2017 Presidential Award for Diversity and Inclusion during the Annual Staff Awards Celebration on Friday, May 26.

The annual award was established in 2010 as a means of recognizing and honoring students, faculty, and staff for their efforts aimed at promoting diversity awareness, representation, and inclusion within the Rollins workplace and student community.

In her role as CFAM curator, Galpin creates exhibitions and programming with diversity and inclusion front of mind and networks with faculty and students to bring awareness and sensitivity to all forms of expression.

She is committed to educating around issues of diversity and heightening our perceptions to bring about a larger commitment to erasing bias and ignorance.

“With the utmost sensitivity, embracing core values through education and programming, she has explored issues of immigration with Displacement, race with Afrofantastic, religion through permanent collection exhibitions, and sexuality with Jess Dugan,” one nominator said.

In recognition of her efforts to advance diversity and inclusion at Rollins, Galpin received a trophy and a Service Excellence gold coin.