Fitchett Receives Staff Award for Distinguished Service

Mae Fitchett, associate director of student and family care, received the 2016 Helen A. Ward Crossley Distinguished Service Award during the Annual Staff Awards Celebration on Friday, May 27.

The Helen A. Ward Crossley Distinguished Service Award for Staff was established in 1999 as a means of recognizing Rollins staff members for their outstanding service and dedication to the College.

Fitchett has served the Rollins community for 17 years in a variety of roles. During that time, she has worked with academic departments to provide students with resources and served as a mentor for the students of the Black Student Union. Several staff nominators characterized Fitchett as an unsung hero at Rollins.

In honor of the award, Fitchett will receive $1,000 and her name will be engraved on the Helen A. Crossley memorial plaque.

Employee Nomination Comments

  • “She is dedicated, professional, and also a warm, friendly face for all students and staff who work with her.”
  • “She engages in her work with a strong sense of care and compassion.”
  • “She works seamlessly across student affairs and academic affairs and models superb collaboration and team work.”
  • “She never hesitates to offer a helping hand. Always ready to help with a smile.”
  • “She is extremely resourceful, caring, and at the same time can be objective and realistic when necessary. She is a staff member who truly stays in it with students when many have given up, and does not cease until the student has achieved some type of satisfaction.”
  • “She deals with panicked students and parents alike with grace and patience and there are many students who can credit the completion of their degrees to her diligence.”
  • “Whenever I need academic expertise when working with a student on their financial aid, I always turn to her. She is always eager to help everyone and I find her an invaluable resource.”
  • “She demonstrates virtues that I believe we would all like to see throughout the Rollins community: great knowledge and experience of matters that are the heart of the Rollins mission and the qualities of care and compassion.”
  • “She is a gift to the College and embodies the very best of Rollins because of her deep commitment to students, the liberal arts, excellence, innovation, and community.”