Dato-on ’13 supports small businesses amid COVID-19

In the midst of shutdowns due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Airam Dato-on ’13 designed Takeout Bingo cards to inspire Orlando residents to grab food from their favorite local eateries. Each card in the set represents a different Orlando neighborhood and features a wide range of cuisines—from tacos and pizza to vegan and Vietnamese fare. Since Dato-on debuted the cards, many restaurants have offered prizes such as free food and drinks for customers who achieve bingo.

Speaking to the Orlando Sentinel, Dato-on said he is motivated by the idea of community over competition, especially during times of adversity. He hopes the cards will be useful to people even after quarantine is over, especially when it comes to settling debates between friends and family about where to eat among Orlando’s many delicious restaurants.

You can find all of Dato-on's Takeout Bingo cards at his Instagram account, @airamdphoto