Boyd ’85 named president of Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida

The Independent Colleges & Universities of Florida (ICUF)—of which Rollins is a member—has announced that longtime president, Ed H. Moore, will be stepping down at the end of August. Moore will be replaced by ICUF general counsel Robert Boyd ’85, who has long served Rollins’ interests in front of the legislature.

Prior to assuming the role of president and CEO of lCUF, Boyd—who doubled majored in history and political science—served as general counsel of the organization since 1995 and as a practicing attorney in Florida. He leaves a position as managing partner of statewide law firm Sachs Sax Caplan, where he was co-chair of the firm’s governmental and lobbying group. Boyd is currently an adjunct professor of business law at Flagler College.

As part of his long-standing legal practice in Florida, Boyd represented charter schools throughout the state and was the charter school attorney for one of Florida’s first six charter schools approved by the Florida Legislature. He served as the attorney in the first-ever successful charter school appeal before the Florida Cabinet in 1999.