Armenia and Curran ’22 publish article in Journal of Applied Sciences

Emily Curran ’22 and sociology professor Amy Armenia have published an article in The Journal of Applied Sciences.

“Food Assistance Deserts in Central Florida: Identifying Service Gaps Using Spatial Analysis” uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyze so-called food assistance deserts—areas without a food pantry within a one-mile radius. Curran and Armenia conducted research virtually this past summer as part of Rollins’ Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program in partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.

“Looking at geographic barriers to understand access to food assistance allows us to identify areas where community-based aid is lacking,” says Curran. “Ultimately, food assistance is a temporary solution for larger structural inequalities, but the consequences of inaccessible food assistance are large. Although our data focus on the stats of food assistance prior to COVID, working on this project during the pandemic has highlighted potential avenues for further research.”