Faculty Highlights

Zhang Publishes on Chinese Immigration in the American South.

Professor and Olin Library Archivist Wenxian Zhang recently published the essay “Chinese in Florida: History, Struggles and Contributions to the Sunshine State,” which appears as a chapter in Far East, Down South: Asians in the American South.

The book, which is edited by Raymond A. Mohl, John E. Van Sant, and Chizuru Saeki, is a collection of essays that restores and explores Asian immigration in the South—an often-overlooked part of the South’s story. By adding a new dimension to the popular understanding of southern history, the book seeks to document the historic presence of Asians in the region since the mid-19th century, the sources of numerous waves of contemporary Asian immigration, and the steady spread of Asians out from the coastal port cities to other parts of the American South.