Faculty Highlights

Zhang, Lairson, Namingit, Haddad publish academic series on Chinese manufacturer

Wenxian Zhang, head of archives and special collections at Olin Library, has recently published a set of new academic books with Palgrave Macmillan entitled Huawei Goes Global: Made in China for the World and Huawei Goes Global: The Regional, Geopolitical Perspectives and Crisis Management

As one of the most powerful Chinese companies in the global economy, the largest telecommunications-equipment producer in the world, and a leading consumer-electronics manufacturer, Huawei is a symbol of the globalization of the Chinese enterprises in the 21st century. Huawei Goes Global provides a much-needed, comprehensive examination of the business environment and the striving global operations of China’s technology giant. Within the framework of the trade conflicts between China and the U.S., controversies over economic sanctions, intellectual property disputes, and espionage and cyber-security concerns, this scholarly work makes an important contribution to both academic study and the ongoing public discourse on Huawei.

Zhang served as the lead editor of both volumes, which are a part of the Palgrave Studies of Internationalization in Emerging Markets series. Altogether, more than 50 scholars with roots in five continents have collectively reflected on the rise of the Chinese technology enterprise and its global challenges.

Three other Rollins professors also contributed to this academic undertaking. Thomas Lairson, professor of political science emeritus, wrote a chapter called “The International Political Economy of Huawei’s Global and Domestic Environment,” and business professors Serina Haddad and Sheryll Namingit contributed a chapter titled “Huawei’s Carrier Business in Southeast Asia.”