Faculty Highlights

Zhang, Kodzi, and Lairson publish China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Wenxian Zhang, CLA professor at Olin Library, recently published a new book entitled China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Changing the Rules of Globalization with Palgrave Macmillan.

The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), or One Belt One Road (OBOR), is a state-led undertaking involving multiple countries and many organizations of various types with an unprecedented scale and different objectives covering political, economic, and social aspects. While BRI provides new opportunities for China in terms of regional cooperation and global development, many also raise concerns about China’s intentions of using economic means to achieve strategic foreign-policy objectives. This edited volume is designed to provide a comprehensive examination of this ambitious undertaking and its long-term impact on the rest of the world.

Zhang served as the lead editor of the book, which is a part of the series, Palgrave Studies of Internationalization in Emerging Markets. More than 30 scholars with roots in five continents have reflected on the wide-ranging impacts of BRI on specific countries, regions, economic policies, and geopolitical considerations.

Two other Rollins professors also contributed to this academic undertaking: Thomas Lairson, professor of political science emeritus, wrote a chapter called “The Global Strategic Environment of the BRI: Deep Interdependence and Structural Power,” and Emmanuel Kodzi, associate professor of international business, contributed a chapter titled “Live and Let Live: Africa’s Response Options to China’s BRI.”