Faculty Highlights

Zhang and Kodzi present at the 12th China Goes Global academic conference

Wenxian Zhang, professor and head of archives and special collections at Olin Library, recently helped organize the 12th China Goes Global Conference, which was held at the East China Normal University on June 18-20. The first China Goes Global Conference was held at Rollins in 2006, and next year’s conference will return to Winter Park.

Zhang—who serves on the board of directors of the China Globalization Association in addition to being the organization’s treasurer—chaired the book discussion panel by international scholars at the conference and presented on his new book, China Through American Eyes.

Emmanuel Kodzi, associate professor of business, presented his recent research, “Live and Let Live: Africa’s Response Options to China’s Belt & Road Initiative.”

Music professor Susan Lackman played two pieces from her China-themed composition, “Ghosts on the Bund” (an imagination of Shanghai in the 1920s) and “Admiral of the Endless Sea” (a portrait of Zheng He).

More than 100 scholars, educators, media, and business leaders attended the academic gathering in Shanghai.