Faculty Highlights

Three Rollins faculty publish book on research tactics in the humanities

Communications professor Ted Gournelos, communications professor Josh Hammonds, and e-resources and serials librarian Maridath Wilson have written a new book, How to Actually Do Research: The Down and Dirty Guide to Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which will be published by Routledge at the beginning of summer 2019.

The idea was born out of a discussion between the three faculty members about problems with teaching research that are systemic in college. They have found that even advanced students are often unprepared to conduct effective scholarly research, making it a frustrating, confusing, and unpleasant experience.

This book attempts to solve these problems in several ways—for example, by approaching research as a holistic process and by addressing diversity in abilities, interest, discipline, and ways of knowing. The authors emphasize accessibility and approachability throughout, in which research becomes exploration of real-world examples that connect both with a millennial and Generation Z audience, and that could be studied through each of the methods highlighted.

The guide also provides key insights, tips, and tricks from active researchers and an information scientist/librarian to guide budding researchers along the process of developing an effective workflow, where to go for help, and, of course, actually completing the project.

While this book is suitable for anyone doing academic research, it’s intended mainly for undergraduate and graduate students.