Faculty Highlights

Roe’s work featured in exhibit at Miami’s Frost Museum

Recent works from art professor Dawn Roe’s current project, “Conditions for an Unfinished Work of Mourning: Wretched Yew,” are included in an exhibition at the Frost Art Museum in Miami. The exhibition, titled Transitional Nature, includes two pieces in the form of a two-channel video piece, This Is Nowhere (Parts I and II). The works were originally produced in 2010 and recently re-edited specifically for the exhibition.

A statement from the Frost Museum describes the connection between the Hudson River School paintings that serve as the exhibition’s foundation and the contemporary works included in the exhibition. 

“Only recently have critics and scholars begun to recognize the way pictures conveyed [environmental] concerns and to rethink the prevailing narratives of art history to address the social responsibility demonstrated by artists. Transitional Nature joins these efforts by bringing together the work of different artists depicting diverse places to show the range of their responses. ... These artists reinforce the value of ecocritical studies, allowing for new access points into the paintings of the Hudson River School.”

Transitional Nature is curated by Katherine Manthorne, PhD, Professor of Art History Graduate Center, City University of New York. The Frost Art Museum’s chief curator, Amy Galpin, PhD, selected the contemporary works on view. The exhibition remains on view through May 17, 2020.