Faculty Highlights

McInnis-Bowers article selected as Outstanding Paper in 2018 Emerald Literati Awards

Social entrepreneurship professor Cecilia McInnis-Bowers’ case study “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?: Exploring the relationship between entrepreneurship and resilience among the Boruca Indians of Costa Rica” has been selected as an Outstanding Paper in Emerald Publishing’s 2018 Emerald Literati Awards.

The article, which was originally published in the Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy in 2017, explores the relationship between entrepreneurship and resilience in an indigenous context suggesting that in highly marginalized contexts, entrepreneurship leads to resilience, which is a reversal of the accepted proposition. It was co-authored by Bella Galprin from the University of Tampa.

The article came from data collected over many years during annual visits to a tribal community with McInnis-Bowers’ students and her own extended stay. An exploratory-naturalistic case study methodology was used to examine the entrepreneurial journey of the Boruca, and the data were collected from in-depth interviews among 10 informants over a five-year period.