Faculty Highlights

Kodzi serves as resource for Stanford University outreach

Business professor Emmanuel Kodzi recently worked with the Stanford Graduate School of Business for the seventh time as a resource for the university’s SEED Transformation Program, an outreach initiative to business leaders in India and Africa.

The goal of SEED is to partner with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives. The program is structured to help leaders assess their enterprise vision, redefine strategies, and make ambitious changes that spur growth, generate new jobs, and impact society. Kodzi uses his expertise in the areas of operations management and supply chain management to challenge leaders to rethink their systems and assumptions so their processes can be aligned with their mission.

“My passion has been to inspire deep learning and come alongside students and business leaders on their journey of evidence-based decision-making,” says Kodzi. “I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to socioeconomic development in these emerging markets under the banner of a prestigious university like Stanford and while doing so carry the name of Rollins College into regions that may not have heard it. Service is a privilege, and I do not take it lightly.”