Faculty Highlights

Kline publishes article on immigration policy in anthropology journal

Anthropology professor Nolan Kline recently published an article on the consequences of immigration policy and health policy changes in Atlanta in Political and Legal Anthropology Review, a journal published by the American Anthropological Association.

In the article, Kline describes how state legislators in Georgia revised an existing entitlement program to specifically exclude undocumented immigrants with kidney failure from receiving life-sustaining care. This health policy change converged with broader efforts to financialize the U.S. health system and resulted in undocumented immigrant patients dying; being medically repatriated to their countries of birth; placed in private, for-profit dialysis centers; or obtaining care through a burdensome process involving a public hospital’s emergency room.

“As anti-immigrant policies continue to be proposed in the United States,” writes Kline, “findings from this article provide a cautionary tale about the sweeping consequences of legislation that targets immigrants.”