Faculty Highlights

Kline publishes article on HPV-related cancers

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Nolan Kline has published an article in Papillomavirus Research pointing to dental providers being the next line of prevention in HPV-related cancers.

Kline explains that although HPV-related cancers can be prevented with the HPV vaccine, not everyone who is eligible for the vaccine gets it because it is not mandatory. Health providers play an important role in promoting HPV vaccination, but dental providers remain one of the few provider groups that do not promote the HPV vaccine to their patients. Kline’s article examines dental providers’ roles and needs related to HPV prevention as part of a larger study funded by the National Institutes of Health.

“This is one of several articles my team and I have written about ways to improve HPV-related cancer prevention,” says Kline. “Our work has practice implications for medicine, dentistry, and public health, but more broadly, it shows the importance of team science and how liberal arts disciplines like anthropology can be used to improve population health.”