Faculty Highlights

Kline ’08 and Vickers ’20 publish book chapter

Anthropology professor Nolan Kline ’08 and recent graduate Mary Vickers ’20 have published a chapter in the book, Anthropology and Activism: New Contexts, New Conversations. Their chapter, titled “Academic and Activist Collaboration in Turbulent Times: Responding to Immigrant Policing in Central Florida,” is based on a project the pair undertook in summer 2018 as part of Rollins’ Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program.

“The chapter is based off a collaborative research effort with two local organizations that serve farmworkers,” says Kline. “Our research examined the hidden consequences of recent immigration policies, and the data are currently being used in legal challenges to problematic state laws. The chapter shows how researchers, students, and community-based organization leaders can work together to address important social problems. This project started as a student-faculty collaborative research project, and it’s an example of the transformative education and community-based scholarship that Rollins delivers.”   

Vickers applied the research she conducted with Kline to her work as a U.N. Millennium Fellow, where she organized an advocacy project to bring awareness of this particular immigration issue to campus. She now serves with an immigrant rights organization as part of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and is applying for doctoral programs in anthropology.