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Gunter Publishes Book on Climate Change

Crossing the far corners of the globe, Mike Gunter’s Tales of an Ecotourist showcases travel—from the hot and humid Amazon jungle to the frozen but dry Antarctic—as a simple yet spellbinding lens to better understand the complex issue of climate change.

At its core, climate change is an issue few truly understand, in large part due to its dizzying array of scientific, economic, cultural, social, and political variables.

Using both keen humor and memorable anecdotes, while weaving respected scientific studies along the way, Mike Gunter transports the reader to five famous eco-destinations, from the Galapagos Islands to the Great Barrier Reef, revealing firsthand the increasing threats of climate change.

Part travelogue, part current-events exposé, with a healthy dose of history, ecology, and politics, these tales of ecoadventure tackle such obstacles head on while fleshing out much-needed personal context to perhaps society’s greatest threat of all.

Tales of an Ecotourist was published by SUNY Press. Get the Kindle version, or find it online at Target, Walmart, and other various bookstores.