Faculty Highlights

Greenberg receives research fellowship at Frankfurt University’s Center for Advanced Studies

Yudit Greenberg, George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Professor of Religious Studies, was recently awarded a fellowship at the Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt, Germany, to participate in a research project titled “Religious Positioning: Modalities and Constellations in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Contexts.”

This project seeks to analyze—historically and empirically—different modalities of the encounter of the monotheistic religions with other religions and their potential to deal with plurality, difference, and conflict.

Her research project is “Dharma and Halacha: Contemporary Jewish-Hindu Interreligious Encounters.’’ As a fellow at the research center, Greenberg will teach a master class for an interdisciplinary group of doctoral and postdoctoral students, present a public talk at the Goethe University, and participate in weekly seminars at Frankfurt University’s Center for Advanced Studies from late May through July 2018.