Faculty Highlights

Greenberg publishes book chapter in scholarly series with Hanna Cody ’16

Religion professor Yudit Greenberg has recently published a book chapter in the final volume of a six-volume series entitled, A Cultural History of Hair in the Modern Age (1920–2000+). The entire series covers 3,000 years of hair and its physical, spiritual, social, and cultural dimensions, becoming the most comprehensive and authoritative survey available on hair through history.

Greenberg co-authored the book chapter, “Religion and Ritualized Belief,” with former valedictorian Hanna Cody ’16, who now works as a Global Citizenship Fellow with UNICEF’s End Trafficking Project. 

In 2015, editor Geraldine Biddle-Perry had come across Greenberg’s book, The Body in Religion: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, and invited her to contribute to the project. Greenberg immediately thought of partnering with Cody since she had written her final paper in Greenberg’s Religion and the Body course on the topic of hair. The duo co-authored most of the work via email, at first focusing on specific areas of the research and then integrating the different parts into their final draft. 

“Working with Dr. Greenberg was a very rewarding experience that taught me a lot about the process of researching, writing, and publishing an academic book chapter—skills that have helped me excel in all of my professional pursuits,” says Cody. “Even though I do not work in religious studies now, understanding how to produce a thorough research piece on an unfamiliar topic prepared me to successfully enter into other research-heavy roles, including in my internship at UN Women and my current role at UNICEF. At the time, I did not realize how much of a privilege and asset it was to work so closely with a professor to publish an academic project. However, interactions with friends and colleagues opened my eyes to the fact that many colleges and universities do not have the same opportunities for their students.”

The series has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing and is available for purchase on the publisher’s website.