Faculty Highlights

Fetscherin’s brand-relationships article receives record engagement

Professor of Marketing and Gelbman Family Chair of International Business Marc Fetscherin recently published an article on consumer brand relationships in the Journal of Business Research. Google Scholar ranked the article among the top 1 percent most cited articles in the journal for the past five years and went on to rank it as one of the most cited in the field of marketing as well.

Fetscherin’s study examines how scholarly research on consumer brand relationships has evolved over the past decades by conducting a bibliometric citation meta-analysis. The literature review included 392 papers by 685 authors in 101 journals. The area of consumer brand relationships research is notably interdisciplinary, with articles mainly published in journals for business and management, but also applied psychology and communication. Based on the results, Fetscherin proposes an agenda that offers the potential to advance research on the relationships between consumers and brands.