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Fetscherin publishes article on brand hate in the Journal of Brand Management

Professor of Business Marc Fetscherin has published the article, “Trajectories of Brand Hate,” in the latest issue of the Journal of Brand Management. The article was co-authored by Lia Zarantonello (University of Roehampton, UK); Simona Romani (LUISS University, Rome); and Silvia Grappi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy).

The paper explores how the feeling of brand hate develops over time. The authors conducted a series of qualitative interviews during which participants were asked to graphically trace the course of their feelings toward their most currently hated brand. In doing so, the authors identified five types of trajectories of brand hate: 1) Negative all the way; 2) Down-up; 3) Downward slope flattens; 4) Roller coaster; and 5) Steady decrease.

Moreover, the paper identifies the most common antecedents (e.g., negative past experience with the brand, corporate wrongdoing, image incongruence) and outcomes of brand hate and relates them to the trajectories previously identified. Theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.