Faculty Highlights

Fetscherin gives keynote at the International Conference on Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality

Professor of Marketing Marc Fetscherin recently gave a keynote, “Successful Publishing: Some Insights,” at the International Conference on Marketing, Tourism, & Hospitality in Zurich. The conference offers a platform to academicians, research scholars, and industry specialists in the field of marketing and tourism to discuss key issues in the industry.

In his keynote, Fetscherin shared his 15 years of experience in academia and discussed the main stages of publishing—from having a publication strategy and the do’s and don’ts of writing high-quality research to sharing and tracking research. Fetscherin shared some of the tools he uses to do literature review (Mendely, HistCite), collect data (MTurk, Qualtrics), as well as tools that allow him to share and track his research with the academic community and practitioners (Hootsuite, RG, Academia, Google Scholar).

In addition to giving his keynote, Fetscherin and former international business major Alexandra Sampedro ’18 presented their paper, “Brand Hate and Brand Forgiveness: A Dynamic Analysis,” at the conference as well.