Faculty Highlights

Fetscherin and Sampedro ’18 present paper at international academic conference

Business professor Marc Fetscherin and former international business major Alexandra Sampedro ’18 presented their paper, “Brand Hate and Brand Forgiveness: A Dynamic Analysis,” at the International Conference on Marketing, Tourism, & Hospitality in Zurich, Switzerland in July. 

The paper identifies and discusses three sources of brand hate (negative past experience, image incongruity, ideological incompatibility), two levels of brand forgiveness (high versus low), and four behavioral outcomes (brand avoidance, private complaining, public complaining, and brand retaliation).

Based on a series of in-depth interviews and a U.S. representative sample, their findings show brand forgiveness can be attained depending on the determinant of brand hate. They have found that consumers with high forgiveness scores are less likely to engage in private or public complaining or retaliate against the brand. Moreover, they've also find that these consumers are more likely to buy the brand in the future.