Faculty Highlights

Fetscherin and Sampedro ’17 publish article on brand forgiveness

Marc Fetscherin, Ronald G. and N. Jayne Gelbman Chair of International Business and Professor of Marketing, has published the article “Brand Forgiveness” in the latest issue of the Journal of Brand Management. The article was co-authored with international business major Alexandra Sampedro ’17.

This article explores and discusses the concept of brand forgiveness. It empirically assesses the effects of three types of brand transgressions (performance, image, and value) on brand forgiveness and how brand forgiveness impacts brand switching, brand attacking, and purchasing the brand again. Fetscherin and Sampedro found that almost half of the consumers are unlikely or very unlikely to forgive a brand compared to about a third who are likely or very likely to forgive.

Consumers who are more likely to forgive are less likely to avoid the brand or engage in attacking behaviors; they are also more likely to purchase the brand again. Finally, the authors discovered that consumers witnessing a performance-based brand transgression are more likely to forgive the brand than in the case of image- or value-based brand transgressions.