Faculty Highlights

Brown publishes essay on Brooklyn gentrification in Lenny Letter

Assistant professor of English and Brooklyn transplant Victoria Brown recently published an essay, “Hostile Territories,” in Lenny Letter, Lena Dunham’s online feminist-focused magazine. Brown shares the story of her and her hubsand, an interracial couple, and how they struggled to find their place in a gentrifying borough of New York. 

“The neighborhood, largely African-American, Hispanic, and one dreadlocked Japanese guy, was wary of us,” says Brown, “and Grey and I had profoundly different experiences of the same streets.”

“Alone, I was nodded at, verbally greeted, aggressively courted, somehow always acknowledged. Alone, Grey was ignored or silently stared at: he could be a solo Mormon missionary or, in his preferred dark clothing, a lost Hasid. Observed together, we were a whole different species: a black woman with a white man in what was then still an inner-city neighborhood.”

Read Brown’s full essay on Lenny Letter.