Faculty Highlights

Brown provides insight on racial progress for WalletHub

Anthropology professor Shan-Estelle Brown recently weighed in as part of a panel of experts on personal finance website WalletHub, discussing which states have achieved the most racial progress.

The article “2020’s States with the Most Racial Progress” ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia across 21 key indicators of equality and integration, including employment and wealth, civic engagement, education, and health. Following the section that shares the findings of this data analysis, author Adam McCann asked a panel of experts, including Brown, to provide key insights.

Brown looks at how the institution of slavery historically prevented black households from acquiring and keeping wealth to pass on to future generations. She outlines the most important indicators of racial wealth gaps as homeownership rates, household incomes, and real estate valuations.

“I like to focus on the 20th century because we see a combination of federal, state, and local programming all working together to remove barriers to wealth for white households and create additional barriers to black and other non-white households,” says Brown.

In addition to serving as an assistant professor of anthropology, Brown is co-coordinator of the Rollins Global Health Program.