Faculty Highlights

Brannock awarded research grant from the National Science Foundation

Biology professor Pamela M. Brannock has been awarded a Research Opportunity Award (ROA) from the National Science Foundation, which will sponsor her involvement on a collaborative research grant through Villanova University in summer 2021.

The project, currently titled “The Influence Of Mangrove Invasion And Rising Temperatures On Belowground Processes In Coastal Ecosystems,” will allow Brannock to expand her meiofaunal research and explore areas such as the impacts of climate change and vegetation change on microscopic organisms within mangrove salt marshes along the northeast coast of Florida. 

Biology major Zoe Pearson ’22 will join Brannock in her research efforts this summer as part of the Rollins Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program.

The project will also allow Brannock and Pearson to collaborate with members of the Warming Ecosystem Temperatures in a Florida Ecotone Experience Transition (WETFEET) project and other coastal systems researchers from several institutions around the country. Brannock anticipates data from this study will be incorporated into her course on genetics beginning in spring 2022.