Faculty Highlights

Brain Fitness Club looks to Holt School to increase social media presence

Under the guidance of Hamilton Holt associate professor Anne Stone, 21 evening students will partner with the Brain Fitness Club (BFC) in Winter Park to increase the organization’s social media presence. Students in Stone’s course, Communication Across the Lifespan, will provide one year’s worth of content for BFC’s Facebook page as part of the Holt School’s community engagement initiative.

BFC’s social media audience includes dementia patients and victims of traumatic brain injury as well as their caregivers. Stone and her students aim to bring awareness to the services BFC provides and give club members who are unable to travel to one of the three Central Florida locations access to BFC services.

BFC serves those facing the challenges of living with mild cognitive impairment or early dementia who want to participate in a program that provides cognitive simulation, physical exercise, and socialization. Director of BFC, Peggy Bargmann, RN, is working with students to create a virtual version of the information and activities provided at BFC and to better serve members unable to travel to Winter Park, Orlando, or Oviedo. 

Students will develop and schedule content for BFC and use a platform like Hootsuite to deliver the posts to Facebook throughout 2018. Future maintenance of BFC’s social media could potentially create internship opportunities for Holt communications students.

When asked how he felt about partnering with BFC, third-year student Eric Tanyhill says, “I am most excited about shedding some light on how a person diagnosed with dementia lives on a day-to-day basis.” In preparation for the project, students are researching and discussing stigmas and stereotypes associated with aging, dementia, and traumatic brain injury.