Faculty Highlights

Alon and Zhang Organize and Present at the 7th Annual China Goes Global Conference

Ilan Alon, Cornell Professor of International Business and director of the China Center, and Wenxian Zhang of the Olin Library served on the organization committee for the 7th Annual China Goes Global Conference that took place at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, in September 2013.

During the conference, Alon chaired a book panel and presented Chinese International Investments, a book he co-edited that was released September 27, 2013. Zhang made a panel presentation on “Reaping the Benefits of Brain Circulation: The Impact of the Overseas Study and the Returnees on the Development of the Management Education in China.” In addition, Crummer Graduate School of Business Professor of Finance Halil Kiymaz also chaired a session on MNE and Networks.

The annual China Goes Global Conference is sponsored by the Chinese Globalization Association, a newly established nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting academic research on contemporary globalization of China. Alon serves as vice president and Zhang is the treasurer of the association. More than 100 scholars and businesspeople attended, and more than 60 papers were presented in September. This year marks the first time that the annual conference was held outside the United States.

For additional information, please visit chinagoesglobal.org.