Faculty Highlights

Al Haddad presents book chapter at Huawei Goes Global forum

Business professor Serina Al Haddad recently participated in Huawei Goes Global, an online academic forum presented by the Chinese Globalization Association and organized and coordinated by Wenxian Zhang, head of archives and special collections at Olin Library.

Al Haddad presented her book chapter titled “Huawei’s Carrier Business in Southeast Asia,” which was co-authored with business professor Sheryll Namingit and discusses Huawei’s business and supply chain in Southeast Asia as well as the role Huawei has played in the development of existing infrastructure.

The online academic forum was co-sponsored by the Chinese Globalization Association (CGA) and the Emlyon Business School in France. Participants in the forum included international experts and scholars who contributed to the series Huawei Goes Global, of which Zhang served as the lead editor.