Rollins Names 18 Fiat Lux Award Winners

Fiat Lux Awards are presented to outstanding seniors who have made positive and illuminating contributions to the campus and community.

Rollins congratulates the recipients of this year's Fiat Lux Awards, presented to outstanding seniors who have made positive contributions toward illuminating our campus and community.

Recipients have grade point average of 3.0 or higher and have demonstrated excellence in contributing to campus life at Rollins via academics, athletics, diversity, campus and community involvement, and leadership.

The following students were presented with Fiat Lux Awards at the Student Leadership Awards Banquet on Monday, April 25.

Alexandria Mickler
Avani A. Mooljee
Cortlandt Jennings Dunn
Courtney Durbin
Courtney W. Banker
Dylan McCain Allen
Emily Elizabeth Roos
Gabrielle Massé
Hanna Cody
Julia Callaway Porcher
Julianna Dubendorff
Kerrysha Matos-Soto
Lauren Finn
MiKayla Phillips
Patrick Beane
Taylor Wright
Trae Vaillant
Tyler Thomas