Rollins Named Florida’s Best Hidden Gem

Rollins College is named the top “hidden gem” college in Florida.

Rollins College was recently named the 2015 best hidden gem institution in Florida by College Raptor, Inc., a college matching platform.

Hidden gems are defined as high-caliber colleges and universities which receive fewer than 5,000 applicants per year and have a total enrollment of greater than 1,000. Rollins was one of 49 institutions recognized across the country.

The top hidden gem in each state was determined by analyzing colleges based on their enrollment and application data. Each institution received an “overall ranking” of quality based on factors such as graduation rate, selectivity, and student-to-faculty ratio.

“We are delighted to be included in College Raptor’s ranking of the nation’s ‘hidden gems,’” said Rollins College Acting President Craig McAllaster. “Our students, alumni, and friends know that the foundation of a Rollins education are our guiding principles are excellence, innovation, and community. To be recognized as top among Florida’s many outstanding smaller colleges is a testament to the quality and value of a Rollins education.”

College Raptor, Inc. is a search platform that allows users to estimate their individual net cost for attending every four-year college in the United States. A college map shows all 49 hidden gem institutions.

[source: College Raptor, Inc.] [source: College Raptor, Inc.]