Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning Brings Families Together

A mother and daughter share a love for The Sistine Chapel as students and classmates.

The Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning (RCLL) has brought together daughter Terry Osborne and mother Rae Delfosse to study one of their lifelong passions—the Sistine Chapel. Bob Lemon, retired professor of art from Rollins College who chairs the Emeritus Faculty Association, taught the course The Sistine Chapel: Up, Down, and Sideways, in which Osborne and Delfosse were students. The course was so popular that Jill Norburn, director of the RCLL, opened a second section which also filled in a matter of days.

Osborne and Delfosse traveled together to Italy in 1995 and 1999 and visited the Sistine Chapel while in Rome. In the 1980’s, Delfosse traveled on her own with an art appreciation class to view the masterpiece. Osborne returned to see the Sistine Chapel with her family in November.

Delfosse, who lives at The Mayflower, a retirement community in Winter Park, heard about the class from Jana Ricci, the Mayflower’s marketing director. During her working career, Delfosse was an art teacher in Orange Park, Florida, and still enjoys oil painting, creating mostly floral and landscape abstractions. Additionally, Delfosse participated in a Rollins Hamilton Holt School health seminar titled Fitness Through Motion and Imagination.

Osborne, of Windermere, Florida, is pursuing a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at the Holt School and was in the human resources field prior to her retirement. Also holding a master’s in English literature, Osborne aspires launch a new career teaching literature and humanities classes.