Rollins Announces 2017 Student Leadership Award Winners

The College recognized 46 students for their positive contributions to campus and the community at the 2017 Student Leadership Awards Banquet.

(Photos by Scott Cook) (Photos by Scott Cook)

Fiat Lux Award Winners

Fiat Lux Awards honor outstanding Rollins seniors for their positive contributions to our campus and community in the areas of academics, leadership, inclusion, and service. The award recognizes the most established and honorable leaders on campus and is the highest honor given at the annual Student Leadership Awards Banquet.

  • Casey Casteel
  • Brittany Edwards
  • Kolten Ellis
  • Kamil Fadel
  • Jehiza Feliz
  • Abby Goecker
  • James Gray
  • Tanaya “Tee” Jones
  • Natesh Kirpalani
  • Isabelle Meelis
  • Sam Philpott
  • Gabriela Polanco
  • Samantha Roberts
  • Max Rock
  • Rayshaun Wagner
  • Meghan Wallace
  • Lauren Waymire
  • Angel Whetstone

Award for Collective Leadership

Recognizes an organization or team that has had significant impact on Rollins and/or the greater community

  • Democracy Project

Community Service and Engagement

Recognizes students who have displayed exemplary leadership and dedication to community engagement during their time at Rollins.

  • Esther Kim
  • Emmy Torres

Senator of the Year (SGA)

  • Muniba Khan

Social Justice Champion of the Year

Recognizes a student who is dedicated to making the world more just and inclusive for others. The recipient promotes social justice on campus—inside and outside of the classroom—through inclusion, education, and activism.

  • Ryan Marini

Global Ambassadors of the Year

Recognizes individuals who bring an international experience and perspective to Rollins through their passion for global citizenship.

  • Sujan Mohinani
  • Joao Avila Pena

Find Your Anchor Award

Recognizes individuals who live the spirit and mission of Rollins College and truly “found their anchor” on campus.

  • Vernisha Andrews
  • Sylvia Luengo

Lifelong Rollins Spirit Award

Recognizes individuals who, through their time as a student, have shown promising commitment to being an engaged alumnus and remaining connected to the college for years to come.

  • Leah Barnett
  • Vivian Carrington

FSL Leaders of the Year

Recognizes fraternity and sorority life leaders who truly embody and exhibit the values of the fraternity and sorority life community at Rollins, striving for excellence in their leadership and personal dedication to their values.

  • Laura Sullivan
  • Kyle Oliver

Intern of the Year

Recognizes a student who has demonstrated leadership in their career and life planning by pursuing internship opportunities throughout their college career and serving as a peer advocate for internships at Rollins.

  • Caroline Arrigoni

Student Employee of the Year

Recognizes a student who has demonstrated excellence in their on-campus position by completing outstanding work in the following areas: reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, and uniqueness of contribution.

  • Corissa Raymond

Emerging Leaders of the Year

Recognizes individuals who have just begun their leadership journey at Rollins and continue to show promise and strong potential. They will continue to make a lasting impact in the future.

  • Kalese Justice
  • Joshua Colson

Rollins Role Model Award

Recognizes individuals who have consistently demonstrated the values of Rollins and who others aspire to emulate.

  • Zach Ullian
  • MB Vincent
  • Erin Mcfee

Student Leaders of the Year

Recognizes student leaders who have demonstrated the highest level of leadership and a strong and lasting impact in multiple areas of campus.

  • Arron Nestor
  • Morgan Laner

Peer Educators of the Year

Recognizes individuals who are known for modeling positive behavior and enhancing learning opportunities for their peers in direct ways.

  • Jill Alcott
  • Tianna Rosser

Unsung Heroes of the Year

Recognizes students who exemplify silent leadership and whose work has had a significant impact on the Rollins community. They are characterized by humility, rarely seeking recognition for the work they do.

  • Iman Gareeboo
  • Brigid Cotter
  • Haleigh Gerrett
  • Ashley Reed
  • Michael Kitchin