President Cornwell: “Never has our purpose been more urgent, more relevant, or more important.”

On the morning after Election Day 2016, President Grant Cornwell calls for a recommitment to Rollins College’s mission.

(Photo by Scott Cook) (Photo by Scott Cook)

President Grant Cornwell’s message to the campus community.

We awaken this morning to a nation with a new and uncharted future. No matter how any of us cast our votes yesterday, we all knew the sun would rise today on a truth we all must face in the days ahead—while we as citizens care deeply about our country, we are truly a nation divided.
Whatever your political persuasion, I trust you will agree with me on this. Never has our nation, our world, had a greater need for graduates who are deeply, thoughtfully, rigorously educated for global citizenship and responsible leadership. Never has our purpose been more urgent, more relevant, or more important.
I write to ask us all—students, faculty, and staff—to recommit to our mission this morning and for all future mornings. We are and will be an inclusive community of learners with a common purpose that can only be realized with integrity to the extent to which we engage our differences respectfully.
Let’s see if we can make Rollins a model for our nation and the world, a place where serious people of good intention can work together to create new knowledge, deeper understanding, and greater humanity around our shared aspirations for global citizenship and responsible leadership.
Fiat Lux!


Additional information

The Election may be over but the conversation is just beginning. For members of the Rollins community wishing to further engage in dialogue Student Affairs staff and faculty will be available today in community spaces until 5 p.m. These spaces include:

Lucy Cross Center for Women and their Allies (Chase Hall)

Galloway Room (Mills Memorial Building)

Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement (Chase Hall)

Dave’s Boathouse (Cornell Campus Center)

For students seeking a confidential space counselors will be available in the Wellness Center until 5 p.m. tonight. After 5 p.m. students may call Campus Safety at 407-646-2999.

Tonight we will host The Election: A Community Conversation from 5-6 p.m. in the Galloway Room Mills Memorial Building. Galloway will be open until 10 p.m. for members who wish to further be in community.

Tomorrow evening the Democracy Project and the Political Science Department will host the scheduled Politics on Tap: A Discussion about Election Results from 5-6 p.m. in Dave’s Boathouse.