Hot Off the Press

Get your copies of the latest student publications Brushing, The Independent, and The Sandspur and learn about what happens behind the scenes.


The newest edition of Rollins literary journal, Brushing, is available starting this evening. You can pick up a print copy from the Department of English in Carnegie Hall.

I serve as the editor-in-chief of Brushing. The publication process begins several months before its drop date. In October, a call for submissions goes out to the Rollins community and Brushing staff members circulate information about submission through classrooms and RCCs. Once submissions close in December, staff members work diligently through the winter break, reading and critiquing submitted work. It is over the break that the staff makes final acceptances of what will be published in April.

After winter break the editor-in-chief begins the true work. Brushing is laid out with design software and created over the course of two months. A layout specialist is in charge of fact-checking, and the printing is handled by Magnolia Press in Longwood, Florida.

Once the final files are at the printers, the editor-in-chief has about two weeks to plan a release party and recruit authors to read their published works. After this, the latest edition of Brushing is swept off to the archives at Olin Library to be filed with other periodicals.

Next year, Jenna Lindsey ’16 will serve our publication’s new editor-in-chief, carrying the journal through its annual process.

The Independent

The newest edition of The Independent will be available in print on Tuesday, April 28, from noon – 2 p.m. outside of the campus center and online.

The Independent is a student magazine that was introduced just last year under the direction of Mary Catherine Pflug ’15 and Scott Novak ’15. It’s a hybrid of journalism and creative writing inspired by former Rollins College President Hamilton Holt, who notably served as editor-in-chief of a liberal weekly New York magazine in the early 20th century of the same name.

The Independent has four different categories that help facilitate the publication’s goal, providing students with a place to share their research, art, and travel ventures:  international affairs, campus correspondences, food and fitness and the arts. The magazine is published two times a year with the use of the design software. There is a general call for submissions to the entire student body. Each piece is read and edited multiple times before publication.

The Independent is always looking for new writers and staff.

The Sandspur 

The Sandspur is the oldest continuous student newspaper in Florida. It’s a weekly publication that can be found every Thursday on stands located across campus and online. David Matteson ’15 is the current editor-in-chief.

The Sandspur staff pieces together the paper with a variety of writer submissions. The submission process starts on Monday at 6 p.m., where the managing editor hosts an article assignment meeting. This meeting is open to the entire student body, allowing anyone to pitch their ideas and write an article. Throughout the week, Sandspur staff stays in contact with authors and the outside community to ensure content is delivered on time. All material is submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday.

The staff spends the weekend editing the submitted material and figuring out budget. On Monday night, a team of page designers layout the content while the staff finishes last-minute edits. On Tuesday night, the paper is given one last run through and sent to press.

The Sandspur has two more issues this year, and next year Micah Bradley ’16 will take on the role of editor-in-chief with Lauren Waymire ’16 as managing editor and Stephanie Garcia ’15 as production manager.