Harris Rosen Announces Scholarships to Rollins

Renowned hotelier and philanthropist Harris Rosen offers disadvantaged students scholarships to Rollins.

Photo by Scott Cook Photo by Scott Cook

Rollins is honored to partner with prominent Central Florida hotelier and philanthropist Harris Rosen to make the Rollins experience available to hardworking students who desire and deserve the opportunity of a great liberal arts education.

Rosen is expanding on the successful model he created to help students from Orlando’s traditionally underserved Tangelo Park and Parramore neighborhoods attain their dreams of achieving a college education debt-free. We will welcome our first students in fall 2018.

For the last 25 years in Tangelo Park, and the last two years in Parramore, Rosen has partnered with local community organizations and public colleges and universities to assist students from those neighborhoods to attend and graduate college. He provides scholarship funding and collaborates with community organizations to ensure the students receive the mentoring and other support they need to help them succeed. The new agreement adds Rollins to the college or university options from which the students whom Rosen supports can choose.

Under our agreement with The Harris Rosen Foundation, Rosen will fund the remainder of participating students’ costs of attendance after the College applies available federal, state, and internal financial-aid dollars. The students will take advantage of existing mentoring and other non-financial support in the foundation’s Tangelo Park and Parramore scholarship programs, in addition to experiencing the world-class academic preparation, career planning, and other support services at Rollins.

Through our mission of educating students for global citizenship and responsible leadership, the students from Tangelo Park and Parramore will have the opportunity to attain an outstanding Rollins education as well as have an increased chance to become leaders who will give back to their communities.