A Message to Rollins International Students

A briefing from President Cornwell in response to SEVP modifications to temporary exemptions for nonimmigrant students.

You are integral members of the Rollins College campus community, and we are committed to supporting your academic pursuits. We value the diverse perspectives you bring to our work as students, scholars, and evolving global citizens. Rollins College benefits greatly from your presence and contributions to our campus and community. And we care deeply about your well-being and your ability to pursue your degree at Rollins.

I am deeply troubled by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announcement regarding international students attending remote classes in the fall. It strikes me as capricious and ill-considered. We should be doing everything possible to promote international and intercultural understanding, and unfettered access to colleges and universities is one of the most powerful means to advance these goals.

To that end, I have joined with 15 other college presidents from the Associated Colleges of the South to urge ICE to return immediately to the spring 2020 guidelines. I have also signed the American Council on Education’s letter to Congressional leaders.

We stand with you, our international students, and your desire for a high-quality residential liberal arts experience, and we will continue to advocate for an extension of the temporary exemptions until the pandemic is over.

Through our International Student & Scholar Services, under the direction of Jenifer Ruby, we are assessing how to best assist you to assure the progress of your Rollins education while we look forward to celebrating the resumption of our shared learning experience.