Jeb Bush’s 3 Steps to a Brighter American Future

Winter Park Institute visiting scholar Jeb Bush outlines practical paths to prosperity that address our country’s most pressing issues.

On Thursday, March 20, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush outlined three steps to reinvigorate the American economy and spirit. During his public address presented by the Winter Park Institute and titled “America’s Promise in Uncertain Times” he offered practical paths to prosperity that address our country’s most pressing issues.
Here are his steps:

1. Develop an economy-driven immigration reform. Improving border security, expanding work-based visa programs, increasing retention of STEM-trained (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) workers, and remodeling a path to legal status by instilling civic education and reinforcing what it means to be an American will be a boon to the economy.

“We’re a nation of immigrants, and we need to understand that immigrants are an engine for economic vitality.”

2. Renew our focus on innovation. America can boost its GDP by re-industrializing the country with cheap energy from natural gas and approving the Keystone XL Pipeline. At the same time, we need to institute rational regulation of fracking while continuing to incentivize conservation efforts.

“Let the marketplace dictate energy production. Doing so can reduce greenhouse gasses, reduce fuel costs, add jobs and investments to the economy, and strengthen our energy independence.”

3. Implement systematic, across-the-board change to the education system. In order for the country to maintain its long-term competitiveness, we need to reinforce early childhood literacy, raise academic standards and expectations of students, create more school choice, and embrace the tools of the 21st Century.

“It’s time for us to have higher expectations for our students, harness the power of digital education, and empower adults to make better choices for our children.”

Bush concluded his presentation with words to inspire the audience that change is possible.

“There is nothing wrong with America. We have the ability to lift our spirits again. It’s up to us to embrace change and not fear it so we can once again become the greatest nation in the world.”

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